Bike Tours in Rome by electric bike

With a bike tour in Rome you can discover all its wonders in a short time and with extreme ease. We will accompany you through the less busy streets to let you admire the most evocative corners told by an expert guide.

Rome in the Morning e-bike Tour

Rome in the Morning e-bike Tour

Rome in the Morning
e-bike Tour

  • Ancient Rome by electric bike, in the morning
  • You can enjoy Rome without traffic and at the first light of dawn
  • See buildings that no longer exist through 3D reconstruction of the ancient sites of the 80 AD period

Enjoy this fantastic bike tours in Rome!

49 €

Rome by Night e-bike tour

Rome by Night e-bike Tour

Rome by Night
e-bike Tour

  • City sightseeing Rome at sunset by electric bike
  • Admiring the beauty of Rome by night is an unforgettable experience

Enjoy this fantastic bike tours in Rome!

46 €

Street Food Tour in e-bike

Street Food e-bike Tour

Street Food e-bike Tour

  • Authentic Romanesco street food in the oldest and most authentic neighborhoods of Rome
  • Explore Rome pedaling through extraordinary places, famous monuments

Enjoy this fantastic bike tours in Rome!

46 €

Tour sull'Appia Antica in e-bike

Ancient Appian Way e-bike Tour

Ancient Appian Way
e-bike Tour

  • A Rome Bike tour that takes you through nature, into ancient history
  •  See the ancient Roman aqueduct

49 €

appian way bike tour

Appian way bike tour underground Adventure

Appian Underground Adventure e-bike Tour

  • Wonderful landscape of the Ancient Appian Way
  • Explore the Catacombe di San Sebastiano
  • Discover a 40 feet deep Roman Quarry

65 €

Bike tours in Rome with Roma Starbike

Why choose a bicycle tour for your holiday?

For us it is not just a job, cycling is a passion, combined with a love for our beautiful city of Rome and its history. Our tours are specially designed to offer a unique experience in Rome. Through our bike tours in Rome you can enjoy the history of Rome, riding along roads that the greats of the past have travelled. You will enjoy the city’s most scenic sites, as we have designed routes that will allow you to take beautiful photographs.

Rome is also a love of food, with us you can take tours to taste the typical dishes of this city. Our bike tours are culture, of course, but above all fun for everyone, from singles to families. Our tours are also convenience to visit Rome with our comfortable electric bikes, and get to the most amazing places in less time.

What are the types of Roma bike tours?

A unique experience

Rome STARBIKE offers you many types of tours, depending on your needs and tastes. E-bike tours in the morning or in the evening to the best known places or to the most special and sought-after places. From the Colosseum, from Piazza Navona to the Pantheon, from Trastevere to the Circus Maximus. Explore the small but still charming crevices, full of monuments, majestic fountains, churches and ancient buildings that make the city unique. In addition, during the e-bike tour we will also see some places reconstructed in the ancient setting in 3D, through our 3D viewers. 

Among the most evocative routes that we offer there is certainly the tour of Ancient Appian Way, queen of the streets. The Appian way crosses the famous Parco degli Acquedotti, an important biological corridor in the center of Rome. A unique environment and a suggestive nature are the setting for this tour, rich in historical and cultural evidence.

Our bike tours are also 3D virtual tours

History, culture and technology.

On our e-bike tours we provide our customers with 3D visors that will allow them to view 360° augmented reality reconstructions of Rome! How do our visors work? You will be able to freely look around and see the historical sights of Rome in 3D during your bike stops. One of our expert guides will accompany visitors on an electric bike through the most suggestive places of Ancient and Imperial Rome. Through 3D viewers you will be able to see Rome as the ancient Romans saw it so long ago. An accurate and realistic 3D reconstruction of historical archaeological sites from the period of 80 AD. A true all in ancient Rome!

Rome Bike Tour + 3D Viewers

Is it dangerous to ride a e-bike tours in Rome?

Have no fear, we are here!

We answer you now. Our tuors are safe because our routes are carefully planned by us. Moreover, Rome has improved its cycling infrastructure so much in recent years. You can be safe with us because we carefully choose traffic-free or traffic-restricted roads. Safety is our priority for our e-bike tours in Rome. We equip our customers with special helmets. Our guides will also help you and put you at ease during the tour; they will be your point of reference. If you are a family with children, we provide everything you need: child seats, children’s bicycles, etc.

Are e-bike tours tiring?

Enjoy Rome in tranquillity

Are our e-bike tours tiring? How does the e-bike work? We can assure you that with an e-bike you make less effort per kilometre, which makes it much easier to cover a route that would have been tiring with a normal bicycle. So even if Rome is hilly, the e-bike will help you. Also, our routes are easy or intermediate, this may vary depending on the tour you choose. E-bikes simply amplify your pedalling power, you use them like any other bike, but the wind is always in your favour and the hills flatten out. Riding a pedal-assisted e-bike is incredibly intuitive, don’t be afraid!

Where will we take you with our e-bike tours?

  • Pantheon
  • Piazza Navona
  • Campo dei Fiori
  • Trastevere
  • Circo Massimo
  • Campidoglio
  • Porta San Sebastiano
  • Parco della Caffarella
  • Ninfeo di Egeria
  • Parco degli Acquedotti
  • Villa dei Quintili
  • Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella
  • Circo di Massenzio
  • Terme di Caracalla
  • Porta San Sebastiano
  • Cava romana dell’Appia Antica
  • Ninfeo di Egeria
  • Appia Antica
  • Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella
  • Catacombe di San Sebastiano
  • Foro Boario
  • Rione Parione
  • Ghetto Ebraico