2 hours Walking Tour in Ancient Rome

Route Map

Rome in the Morning e-bike Tour

Rome in the Morning e-bike Tour

Rome by Night e-bike Tour

Tour sull'Appia Antica in e-bike

Ancient Appian Way e-bike Tour

Street Food Tour in e-bike

Street Food e-bike Tour

2 hours Walking Tour in Ancient Rome. Relive the thrill of Imperial Rome with a sightseeing tour on foot and the chance to see 360-degree virtual reality reconstructions with special 3D glasses.
Explore Ancient Rome like never before. Through the interactive 3D reconstruction, integrated by the voice of an expert guide who will inform you about everything you will see with the 3D viewer ..
With the latest generation of viewers, you have a 3D historical reconstruction of Rome’s most famous and breathtaking archaeological sites. Imagine walking on the top of the Capitol and seeing the view exactly as it appeared to the Roman emperors over 2000 years ago! You will be able to see buildings that no longer exist!