10 August in Rome - What to do in Rome at San Lorenzo

10 August in Rome – Night of San Lorenzo

What to do in Rome on August 10th, in the night of the shooting stars of San Lorenzo

Romantic places in Rome to see the falling stars

In Rome there are many viewpoints from which to watch falling stars, some of which are very romantic.

In Rome certainly the most striking places are: the Terrazza del Pincio, the Giardino degli Aranci and the Gianicolo.

But you can also spend a pleasant evening in the parks of Rome, where you will surely find less lights to better observe the sky.
In addition to the Ancient Appian Way Park, always open, in this period you can also spend a pleasant evening at Villa Borghese, Villa Ada and Villa Panphili.

Romantic tour of Rome at sunset on the weekend of August 10th

Tour romantico in Bicicletta di Roma al tramontoTo pleasantly spend the last hours of the day, the sunset and the early hours of the night, we suggest the Romantic “By Night” Rome tour by electric bike.

Admiring the beauties of Rome’s Squares and Monuments in the lights of the sunset will be a truly suggestive experience: majestic fountains, churches and ancient buildings are colored with a warm color, plays of light and reflections will color marbles and ancient structures of the Empire.

Rome by bike without effort

By electric bike, a visit to Rome will be a real walk for anyone!

Thanks to the assisted pedaling, which eliminates the effort of pedaling, the ride is pleasant and fun!

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Our tours are for small groups (up to 12 people), to ensure the best experience for all.

An expert local guide will guide you through the city (in Italian – English or other languages, on request).

The equipment and e-bikes are of the highest quality and brand new. Included with the tour you will have: helmet, mobile phone holder or object holder and seat (up to 25kg) Free.

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Rome by night tour with children

The tour is also suitable for children and teenagers.
Up to 5 years or 25kg children can travel with the parent in the free child seat.
From 5 to 10 years the Bike trailers are available, or a trailer bike.

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What is celebrated on August 10th – San Lorenzo

On 10 August in Italy we remember the death of San Lorenzo, a deacon of Rome, who was martyred in 258 during the persecution wanted by the Roman emperor Valeriano.

The religious anniversary coincides with the rain of shooting stars visible between 9 and 15 August, due to the passage of the earth near a trail of a comet. The impact of the debris left by the comet with the earth’s atmosphere and the disintegration of these creates the light trails called meteors that have fascinated humans for millennia.

The peak of shooting stars this year is expected in the nights of 12 and 13 August.

In Italy the “shooting stars” are also called “Lacrime di San Lorenzo”, precisely because they are associated with his martyrdom. Legend has it that all those who remember the pain of the Saint looking at the tears of sparks will see their wish fulfilled.

In ancient times it was believed instead that an ancient god, on this night, fertilized the fields.