May Day in Rome: Visit Rome on Labor Day

How May Day is celebrated in Italy and Rome

On this day of festivities some attractions, museums, and commercial activities could be closed to the public.
But in cities and often even in smaller countries, throughout Italy, parties and fairs are usually organized; you can find street food and special events.

In Rome some museums are usually closed (such as the Vatican museums, Capitoline Museums and others …), but others, such as the Colosseum, usually remain open.

The Italians, and especially the Romans, on this day usually organize picnics and outdoor trips, taking advantage of the spring weather and sunny days.

We at Roma Starbike will be open on this day and our bike tours will be fully operational, to bring you to discover the city with our brand new electric bicycles.

In Rome during the afternoon and evening of May 1, a large, free concert is held every year, which includes the participation of many Italian and international artists.

A proposal to visit Rome in the open air on May 1st

If you are thinking of spending a long weekend on May 1st in Rome, you’re on the right page!

The proposals on what to do and see in the city are many, but we at Roma Starbike offer something special, less known and that makes you live a different experience!

Visit Rome by bike during the weekend of May 1st

During the weekend of May 1st, Rome STARBIKE offers guided and private tours on electric bike, to discover the beauties of the eternal city.

With the e bike tour, discover Rome from a different point of view, doing outdoor activities, but without stress or fatigue!
In fact, our new top-of-the-range bikes have assisted pedaling.

City bikes, mountain bikes and fat bikes are available for every type of route and terrain! All Electric!

What better days than spring bridges to stay outdoors and enjoy the city without the traffic of working days?

Why can the electric bike tour be done effortlessly?

Because the electric bicycle allows you to select the degree of fatigue you want to tackle by selecting levels from 0 to 5.
In this way you can decide with what degree of effort you want to tackle the path.
The electric bike is an excellent way to enjoy outdoor time even with children, who can thus be transported in a child seat or with a trailer bike (trailer bike), without the burden of the additional weight.

Which routes can be done by e-bike during long weekends on May 1st in Rome?

All our tours are available and bookable during spring bridges!

Choose the most suitable for you on this page!