August 15 in Rome - what to do in Ferragosto

August 2022 in Rome – Ferragosto and Assumption day

What to do in Rome in August 2022


Proposals and suggestions for activities to spend the August weekends in Rome

Are you spending the August weekends in Rome and do you want to organize something different? On August 15th in Rome there’s plenty of options, from the evening events along the Tiber to the free admissions of some museums (some proposals in this article).

But if you really want to spend an exceptional day in Rome, we offer you a unique city tour. An activity that combines the fun of riding e-bikes, with the cultural visit provided by a guided tour. On top of that, our 3-D viewers will make you experience the city in a very immersive way.


The e-bike tour of Ancient Rome + Virtual Tour

The Ancient Rome tour is not your typical e-bike tour, as our guests are provided with augmented 3D viewers.

We start from the Colosseum with our brand new e-bikes, guided by our expert tour leader (See the reviews on our guides on Google, Trip Advisor and other portals).

Each participant can select the level of assistance with which to tackle the path, or part of it, up to a level that is equivalent to a pleasant walk!

At each stop, participants can wear their own 3D viewer and immerse themselves in the 360 ° virtual reconstruction.
They will see exactly the places where they are, as they looked like 2000 years ago!

Imagine pedaling effortlessly in an ancient, almost deserted city. Stop to look at places, places and historical monuments.
Then, a sudden throw back to the past. You will see the same place where you are, as it was in imperial times.
Then again a jump and “back to the future”. Resume your e-bike and start pedaling again in Rome, with the August sun and the light wind caressing your face!

To book your “Midsummer Dream in Rome”:



Why we celebrate August 15th in Rome



Italians and summer, a match made in heaven. August 15th corresponds historically to the religious feast of the Immaculate Conception ( Assumption of Mary), but it is a holiday with ancient and secular origins.

It was established by Emperor Augustus as a period of rest after the hard work in the fields. It was called Feriae Augusti (Rest of Augustus). From this the current name of Ferragosto.

In antiquity during this weeks of rest, horse races would be held to entertain the population.

Moreover, these traditions now overlap with classic italian festivals to celebrate Assumption, as for instance the famous Palio di Siena.


Ferragosto 2022 in Rome

To celebrate this day, the Romans traditionally prefer outdoor activities such as picnics . Or they move to the summer resorts in the mountains or on the coast and in the towns around Rome.
The city empties, leaving space for tourists.
For those staying in the capital we recommend reading this article with some tips to better organize the weekend of the Ferragosto long weekend.


Happy August to All, from Roma Starbike!