Visiting Rome in September and October weekends

Weekend in Rome in September and October

Visit Rome in late summer, what to see and do in the city

Spend a weekend in September in Rome

On September weekends in Rome you can still find an almost summer climate.

Even if close to autumn, the days are still pleasantly warm; while in the evening we find “cooler” and milder temperatures, pleasant compared to the summer period.

In this period the city resumes its daily life, after returning from the summer holidays and the beginning of the new school year.

For those who visit the city as a tourist in this period therefore there will be perfect conditions: climate still summer but less hot and less crowded in museums, churches and archaeological areas.

October weekend in Rome: the Ottobrate Romane

October in Rome is a special month for colors, lights and climate.

Often a real extension of the summer occurs, which is popularly called “the Roman October”.

This term derives from the ancient custom of making outings in October, to celebrate the holidays that closed the harvest.
They went out of doors just taking advantage of the still warm days.

Attention however: how can the “Roman Ottobrate” occur, it is also easy to incur in thunderstorms passengers.

Travel tips

How to dress to visit Rome in September and October

We recommend to those who come to visit Rome during the late summer, layered clothing.

Also in the stock exchange it is always good to have: sunglasses but also umbrella or emergency raincoat!

What not to miss in Rome in September and October

Rome e-bike tour in the fall

If you are planning a weekend in Rome in September and October you cannot miss a tour of the city by electric bike with an expert guide. It will take you to the most beautiful places in Rome to visit during this time!

Tree-lined avenues that begin to take on the typical colors of autumn; the sunset over the city, seen from the most romantic viewpoints; the fountains and squares of the dolce vita, illuminated by a red-orange light … and much, much more!

The e-bike tour of Rome can last from 3 to 4 hours and allows you to move quickly and easily around the city.

The assisted pedaling reduces the degree of fatigue to be faced, making the Roman ups and downs a pleasant walk.

The tour can be done in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening, to enjoy the most romantic views of Rome.

The best e-bike tours to discover the most famous and evocative places in Rome:

Rome Children’s Tour

Even transporting children on seats or on trailers will be much less tiring than a normal bike.

In addition, our e-bike tours allow you to have an outdoor experience, even for children and teenagers!

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