Bike rental and guided tours

Bike rental and guided tours by e-bike in Rome: which and how to choose

Our Bike Rental and Guided Tours service is perfect for enjoying the city!

“Tell me who you are and I’ll tell you which one is right for you!”

1. You enjoy being outdoors, you like sports and you visit Rome for the first time.

The Rome bike tour is perfect for you!

If you like sports, but haven’t been practicing for a while, or if you are a tireless sportsman, it makes no difference!
The e-bikes allow you to select the degree of effort with which to tackle the route: the lowest degree of pedal assistance will make you face the tour as if you were using a normal bike. The higher level instead will allow you to tackle the path without any effort.
If it is your first time in Rome choose any of our electric bike tours and we assure you that you will not be disappointed!!!

2. You already know Rome, the areas, you know how to move on the streets of Rome, you usually use the bike.

Rent an e-bike

With a rental bike, you can move freely around the city by choosing routes and areas to visit.
Be careful though! If you are not led for solo tours, we still recommend that you consider one of our group or private tours.

3. You would like to have a unique and tailored experience for you

We recommend the private e-bike tour of Rome

In the private tour one of our expert guides will be completely at your disposal. You can choose one of our routes or arrange a route tailored for you with the guide.

4. You are in Rome with a group of friends, you want to see Rome and have fun at the same time

A group tour by e-bike is ideal for you

Are you in the city with friends and would you like to have a different experience than usual, see the city without giving up having fun? Try the Bike Rental and Guided Tours.
Or you are with a heterogeneous group of people both for age and passion for sport, and you would like to tour Rome in a few hours, seeing the most famous and important places.
You can choose between different types of e-bike tours depending on whether you like the history of Ancient Rome, nature and archeology more, see the city at sunset or see its most authentic aspects in a mixed tour of history and gastronomy.

5. You’re traveling to Rome with your family and kids

A private or group electric bike tour will amuse everyone!

Even if it is not the first time you come to Rome, the e-bike tour of the city will entertain the whole family.
If you have small children, they will have fun transported by bike to you on a seat, but without you weighing yourself down, thanks to the electric bike (the tour for children on a seat is free).

If you have children from 5 to 10 years they will travel by bicycle with their trailer attached, so in complete safety, but with the feeling and the fun of cycling.

Children over 11 years: for them it is truly a unique experience. For this age we recommend the tour of the Ancient Appian Way, which allows you to travel only some stretches in the street (always secondary routes) and then live a fantastic experience in the green area of the park, between archeology and nature, animals and lots of greenery.

6. You are traveling to Rome alone and you want to live a different experience and meet people from all over the world

We recommend the Rome group tour by e-bike

All our group tours are made up of a maximum of 12 people, so that the guide can follow and interact with everyone and that the tour is not too chaotic.
You can choose between different types, but the most suitable ones we think are the By night and the tour of ancient Rome with VR. In this type of tour you will have the opportunity to visit the city, interacting with the guide and the group at various stops.

7. You like to visit the city but also taste the local food

Then you can’t miss the A street food tour by e-bike

Do you want to discover a more authentic side of Rome, visiting more characteristic areas and away from the usual tourist routes? Taste typical dishes and street food in the most authentic restaurants of the historic center? We absolutely recommend the food bike tour. A 4-hour itinerary where you will taste the true taste of Rome.

8. You will discover the city being in the open air but you don’t love the bicycle at all

The brand new Ancient Rome walking tour with Virtual Reality is for you!

If you don’t love cycling, don’t worry, we’ll take care of you anyway!
Our tour of Rome on foot with Virtual Reality is a fantastic and brand new experience to live in the city. A walk among the most famous and ancient places of the city, with the possibility of seeing reconstructions of Ancient Rome, in augmented reality (360 ° virtual reality), thanks to the special viewers included in the tour.

An immersive experience that will transport you back in time to 2000 years!

Bike Rental and Guided Tours