e-bike hire and e-bike tours in Rome

Why visit Rome by electric bike

Why choose a tour or hire an e-bike to see Rome

First of all, let’s clarify what an e-bike or electric bicycle is.

Often its meaning is confused with a motor vehicle (motor type), where you don’t need to pedal.

What is an e-bike

The e-bikes (or pedalecs) are normal (almost) bicycles, equipped with an electric motor that assists the pedaling, reducing the effort necessary to give the propulsive thrust.

This means that if you don’t ride, the bike doesn’t walk.

Why is it better to rent an e-bike or an e-bike tour to visit Rome?

Rome bike Tours with electric bike1. It’s not as tiring as a normal bike

The e-bike allows you to select the degree of difficulty with which you want to tackle the path or the single stretch of road.

The highest degree of pedaling assistance allows you to make a really minimal effort.

2. You can also choose to do physical activity

For an athlete who, in addition to enjoying the show in Rome, wants to do a healthy sport, just select the minimum level of assistance.

3. You can bring it without a license

The pedaling is assisted by an electric motor of adequate power not to exceed 20km / h, or the maximum limit allowed in Europe not to be considered a motor vehicle.

4. The battery lasts a lot and recharges everywhere

The degree of battery consumption depends on the type of assistance required.

The higher the assistance level of the motor in pedaling, the greater the battery consumption (with less effort for those who ride).

Our e-bikes have a battery life of up to 120km / 160km, well beyond the kilometers included in our tours.

And if you are a sportsman and you rent a bike to make us really many kilometers, recharging it will still be easy, from any electrical outlet.

Roma in Bici - Piazza San Pietro - Vaticano5. Take the climbs in serenity

Rome is built on 7 hills, so almost any path you face, you will find yourself facing numerous ups and downs. The e bike allows you to tackle climbs and slopes without difficulty.

6. Transporting children is easy

With the help of assisted pedaling, the extra weight of transporting children will not weigh on your legs.

On our tours and in the rental the seat for children up to 5 years (25kg) is free.

Trailer bikes are also available for children up to 10 years, who pay half.

7. e-bike and Fat Bike to work even less

Our electric bikes are all Fat Bikes.

They are bicycles with wheels that are larger than usual, suitable for rough and uneven terrain.

This will allow you to ride on the Sanpietrini (special ancient bricks that cover most of the streets of the historic center of Rome) and on rough roads or dirt roads (for example on the Appia Antica tour) with greater ease.

9. The e-bike is an ecological choice

Compared to the choice of visiting the city by car, bus or moped; the ebike allows fast movements without CO2 emissions, thanks to the electric motor assisted pedaling.

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