best time to visit rome

The best time to visit Rome

What is the best time to visit Rome?

If you are thinking of coming to Italy and taking a trip to the capital, you are surely wondering the best time to visit Rome. There are several factors to consider, such as climate. Let’s start with the assumption that Rome is a city with a mild climate, so you can visit at any time, but there are definitely better times to enjoy Rome with a perfect climate. However, in addition to the climate, there are several factors to consider, such as prices, cultural events and the periods with the greatest influx of tourists.

The best climate in Rome

best time to visit romeAs far as the climate is concerned, the best time to visit Rome is in April and May. This is because it is neither too hot nor too cold; temperatures range between 15° and 20* C. In addition, Rome is colourful in spring; you can visit the beautiful Roman parks with their lush, flowering vegetation. The ideal climate also makes it possible to take trips outdoors, visit Rome’s most famous monuments and streets without suffering from the heat or cold. This is also the best time to choose to go on e-bike tours and discover even the most hidden corners of Rome. E-Bike tours are a great way to visit Rome quickly and comfortably.

Cultural events in Rome

Rome is a city where you never get bored because it is always full of events, both movida and cultural events. But let’s say that there are periods when you can enjoy these aspects of Rome at its best. Among these periods are again the months of April and May when you can visit: the Municipal Rose Garden of Rome near Circus Maximus, open only during those months. The beautiful azalea display in Piazza di Spagna. As for culture, the following are not to be missed: the Night of the Museums, the art fair 100 painters in Via Margutta, a real open-air museum, and the Antiques Fair in Via dei Coronari.

The famous Roman summer is also full of cultural events, the Tiber is lit up with lights, many riverside bars and stalls of all kinds open. You can also enjoy musical events, open-air cinemas and shows in the various squares and on the Tiber Island. Among the most important religious festivals are Peter and Paul where you can watch the famous “Girandola” firework display in Castel Sant’Angelo, La madonna delle nevi and the Festa de’ Noaltri in Trastevere. Among the cultural events, we recommend the open-air shows at the Terme di Caracalla theatre and the Globe Theatre.

The cheapest time to travel to Rome

If you want to come to Rome and make a cheap trip, the best time to come is in winter, especially in January and February, when tourism declines. For this reason you will find good deals and fewer tourists around. A good way to visit Rome quietly and avoid kilometre-long queues for museums and events in Rome. As for the climate, Rome usually does not go below 5°C. The only downside is that the days are undoubtedly shorter, but visiting Rome at night is also a great experience. For example, we at Roma Starbike do beautiful e-bike tours by night where you can enjoy the beauty of Rome at sunset. For the chillier ones, on the other hand, we recommend the car tour, customised by choosing your favourite places to visit and with stops at places of refreshment.

best time to visit rome