The Bike Tour of Ancient Rome becomes a 3D virtual tour

Our bicycle tour of Ancient and Imperial Rome will become a tour with 3D virtual reality viewers.

How does the 3d virtual bike tour work?

Our expert guide will accompany the visitors on an electric bicycle, through the most evocative places of ancient and imperial Rome.

Once the point of interest is reached, visitors can wear the 3D viewers, which will allow you to view reconstructions in augmented reality at 360 °:

A unique experience to immerse yourself in the ancient wonders of the city!

After wearing the 3D viewers, you can freely look around 360 °.

In the frame will be displayed the 3D reconstructions of monuments, squares, buildings, etc …

It really seems to have taken a dip in ancient Rome!

What will be visible with the 3D viewers during the bike tour?

Wearing our 3D viewers during stops, the visitor will be projected into an immersive virtual reality.
You will see an accurate and realistic 3D reconstruction of the historical archaeological sites of the period of 80 AD.

Thanks to the e-bikes, we will move to various points of the city, all reconstructed in VR: Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Piazza Navona, Capitoline Hill, etc …

Why is our 3D virtual tour of Rome in e-bike?

We propose the virtual tour of Rome by electric bicycle, to allow the visitor to move quickly, in a fun and effortless way, among the major points of interest in the city.

The e-bike saves time on travel. It has no traffic problems. It can freely circulate in all areas of Rome, even when passing through restricted traffic roads.

It’s also a fun way to do an outdoor activity in Rome, but without too much effort!

In fact, with the assisted pedaling, it is possible to cover uphill sections without any effort. Transporting children will be a pleasure!

Two tours in one of Rome in 3 hours: visit Rome today and Rome in 80 AD.

In these 3 hours of guided tour by electric bike, the guides will accompany their group, up to 10 people, through the current Rome to see the beauties of the ancient world!

The guides will show visitors their ancient splendor and differences with what is left of them.

The visitor will be able to admire in parallel the Rome of the past and the modern beauty of the city, thanks to the 3D viewer!

From March,  with “Roma Starbike”, in Rome the bike takes you back in time!

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