Rome Bike Tour + 3D Viewers

Private 3-hour walking tour of Ancient Rome and entrance to the Colosseum

A walk in the heart of ancient Rome

The tour crosses some of the most evocative places in Rome, unmissable stops for every tourist passing through Rome.

However, that’s not all: the tour also includes the use of 3D augmented reality viewers.

You will be able to see, in each stop, reconstructions in virtual reality of ancient Rome, as they were in 80 AD.

An exciting walking tour of Rome with 3D viewers, accompanied by an expert local guide.

An immersive, 360° virtual experience!

During the various stages of the tour you can wear the 3D viewers and immerse yourself in the Rome of 2000 years ago.

With the latest generation of viewers, it is possible to access historical 3D reconstructions of the most famous archaeological sites in Rome.

Certainly the 3D historical reconstruction of ancient monuments offers a global understanding of their history.


“Imagine walking to the top of the Capitoline Hill and seeing the view exactly as it looked to the Roman emperors, more than 2,000 years ago! You will be able to see buildings that no longer exist!”



Information on the route of the 3-hour walking tour with 3D viewers


  • Difficulty: easy
  • 3D viewers supplied
  • Guide: Italian/English (Spanish/French on request)
  • Stops: Colosseum (with internal visit) – Circus Maximus – Campidoglio