Things to do in Rome: the 5 must-see things

The “unmissable” things to do and see in Rome, if you come for the first time

The things that we could call “unmissable” in Rome would be many. But this time we wanted to select only 5, those really indispensable. Those that we think will make you fall madly in love with our city and wish to come back again!

1. See the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Roman Aqueduct

Colosseum, Fori Imperiali and Roman Aqueduct are only a small part of the archaeological areas of Rome. But a good starting point to get to know a little of the ancient history of Rome.
This is why all our tours start and end at the Colosseum and pass along the Imperial Forums, symbols of a great empire.
The Roman aqueduct is one of the most successful engineering works of antiquity. A good part is still completely intact and functioning. It is visible along the Via Appia Antica, one of the main arteries of the city of Rome in ancient times, which is still largely intact.

You can take the Ancient Appian Way on one of our bike tours.

During the tour one of our expert guides will take you to this natural park, called the biological corridor of Rome. We will walk along the ancient paved road that runs along the aqueduct.
You can admire the remains of statues, villas, baths and the catacombs of San Callisto.

2. Take a walk in the alleys of central Rome and lose yourself

There is no simpler and more fascinating way of truly discovering the habits and customs of a city, if not lost in it.

In the alleys of the historic center it is possible to really taste the balance and contrasts of this city. It is the only way to experience a little piece of everyday life and understand the diversity that it contains. The scenarios change quickly, even simply by turning from one alley to another.

This is one of the reasons why on our Rome bike tours and walking tours, we often do not walk the main roads, but we move through less busy streets, characteristic alleys and hidden squares.

3. Eat a rice ball (supplì) and drink a cappuccino

… and then also a piece of pizza stuffed with mortadella, and a fried cod fillet, a maritozzo (a kind of soft croissant) with cream and a fried artichoke …. but then you could not do without the Roman cuisine and you could never leave !!!  😉

… then we limit ourselves to recommending you not to leave Rome before having tasted at least one supplì with mozzarella “al telefono” and a good cappuccino “schiumato”.

The true supplì you will find it only in Rome and not even in all places: the real one for a Roman doc is only that in which after the first bite the mozzarella spins, remaining attached at both ends. This is why in Rome he is called supplì on the phone (“Al telefono”).
Trust me, that’s the way you can find it only in Rome.

The cappuccino in Rome (and in Italy in general) is only with so much foam above (“schiumato”), there is no need to ask the bartender…beware of those who ask for it without !!!

On our food tour of Rome by e-bike, we will take you to discover the most authentic flavors of the city!

4. One of our electric bike tours of Rome

The only fun way to visit as many things as possible in Rome in one day is the electric bike. It is experienced and guaranteed.

With an e-bike in Rome you can:

  1. Enter every area of the city, even pedestrian areas or limited traffic areas.
  2. Avoid car traffic in Rome.
  3. Don’t feel fatigue thanks to the assisted pedaling system, and enjoy the walk.
  4. Avoid long waits of public buses.
  5. Have fun in Rome with kids too.

You can rent an electric bike in the City Center, near Colosseum, and travel the city as you wish (we only recommend it to those who already know the streets of Rome), or let yourself be guided on one of our Rome tours, by an experienced Roman escort, on a  group or private tour.

Choose the type of tour and the itinerary that best suits your interests and enjoy the walk!

5. Launch a coin in the Trevi Fountain

We at Roma Starbike do it so that you can fall in love with our tours, and the third so you can come back and make one again !!!

I recommend, for the throws to be valid, you have to throw the coin from the back, with the right hand, above the left shoulder !!!