Recommended route to visit Rome in a day

This itinerary proposal crosses the heart of Rome and includes monuments and places of various ages.

It is an ideal route to see in a short time the major attractions and the most famous and evocative places of the city, to discover different aspects.

You can take this route on foot (perhaps stopping for lunch halfway along the route). Or, as we suggest and recommend, by electric bicycle with a group guided tour.

Our guides are exclusively Roman boys and girls. They are prepared both to take you on an enjoyable and safe cycling experience, and to introduce you to all the historical and cultural aspects of the city, in English or other languages.

Our tours are always made up of small groups.
In electric bicycle, thanks to the pedal assist, the fatigue gives way to the ONLY FUN!

During our guided bike tour, you can use the 3D viewers to immerse yourself in a virtual reality made of faithful reconstructions of the places you are visiting!!!

See all the details of the ancient Rome tour by electric bike with 3D viewers!


Visit Ancient Rome in one day

1. Colosseum – Arch of Constantine – Roman Forum

Departure from the Colosseum, where you can admire the largest amphitheater in the world and the Arch of Constantine.

From there you can walk along the Viale dei Fori Imperiali. Admiring the remains of the Roman Forum where many emperors have walked and made their public speeches.

With the 3D viewers that we make available to the participants of the 3D e-bike tour. You can see a faithful reconstruction of the Colosseum and the surrounding area, to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Rome of 80 AD.: A real dive into the past!


2. Trajan’s Column – Piazza Venezia – Mercati di Traiano

In this stage you jump from one era to another: from ancient Rome to 800, from the markets and the famous column of Trajan to the Victorian.

The square is a crossroads of different cultures, a mix of eras, styles and reconstructions.

3. Pantheon and Piazza Navona

Pantheon - Visitare Roma in Bici ElettricaFrom Piazza Venezia, along a stretch of Via del Corso and then turning left, you can quickly get to the Pantheon, a building full of history, among the most evocative of Rome.

On the way to Piazza Navona. You will pass through some of the most characteristic lanes of Rome, then arrive at the square that in ancient times housed the ancient Stadium of Domitian. Today it is one of the most beautiful baroque squares in Rome.

4. From Campo de ‘Fiori to Trastevere

The longest stretch to follow in our itinerary, but really rich in history and culture…

In this “stage” you go through the alleyways characteristic of the ancient Jewish Ghetto and cross the Tiber river, on one of the most beautiful bridges in Rome.

We recommend stopping for a lunch or a snack … maybe with a nice “Giudia artichoke” near the Portico d’Ottavia, as in our Rome tour “Slights and Delights”.

Or, continuing the walk, you can stop after crossing the Tiber.

In the Trastevere district it is easy to find a trattoria where to eat a good carbonara, or a bakery or pizzeria on the road.

5. Circus Maximus

To get to the Circus Maximus we will have to walk a bit ‘of road, but by electric bike it will take very few minutes.

On the way, before you get to see the ruins of the famous arena where Bighe races were held, many attractions: for example the Bocca della Verità.

6. The “Campidoglio”

Tour Roma panoramico - piazza del CampidoglioOn foot it will not be fast to get there but if you are doing our electric bike tour. The fun is certain and arriving in the famous square, we assure you that it will be worth it.

From Piazza del Campidoglio we can admire the Roman forum from the panoramic terrace.

If you arrive in this area towards the sunset, with our evening tour of Rome by Night by bike, the romance is guaranteed!

The stages of this itinerary are part of the e-bike Virtual Tour in 3D in Electric Bike in Rome or other bike tour. Visit the tour page for all the info!