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Visit Rome in a day trip

Visit Rome in a day trip: 5 tips for organizing

Ok, we agree that visiting ALL Rome in one day is impossible.

But if in fact, the time at your disposal in the capital is this, our very first advice is not to leave without a “plan”.

Rome is a truly enormous city, both in terms of territorial extension and in terms of things to see and do. It is very easy to get lost in the sea of proposals and activities that the city offers.

1. Don’t leave without a “plan” or a “strategy”

Choose an area, a route already made and suggested by others or a theme that can guide you through the city.

2. Decide on the type of transport to use in Rome

Don’t improvise! it is important to choose which means of transport to use in advance

In some areas of Rome the coverage of public transport is complete and functional, in others less so.

Your route could include stops that are not well connected by public transport. Knowing it in advance will save you time and unnecessary turns.

In the historic center of Rome it is easy to find a taxi, but in less central areas it may not be an easy thing. Always keep the phone number at hand.
It’s a good habit to call ahead, specifying what time you want the taxi ready for the appointment.

If, on the other hand, you move only by public transport, consider the idea of buying a day ticket instead of taking one in time. It will help you both for practicality and economically.

3. Choose the style and historical age of the attractions to see

If you want to focus your visit on art and culture, choose the style and the historical era that most fascinate you.

Often monuments and points of interest belonging to the same age are grouped in a single area.

Some practical examples: if you like art and classical architecture you can concentrate on the area of the Colosseum, Fori Imperiali, Mercati di Traiano, Villa di Nerone, Teatro Massimo, Portico d’Ottavia.

During this Classic itinerary of Imperial Rome (which you will find developed in this article) you will also find ideas from other eras, but you will have won a good chunk of what you are interested in, without too many moves.

If, on the other hand, you like modern art and rationalist architecture, you could concentrate half the day in the Eur neighborhood, and then finish off by moving to another area.

4. Visit the websites of Rome’s museums in advance

If you want to see more things in a day, we recommend that you choose carefully which museums to see and if to see them, visiting the websites before you leave.

It is often possible to buy tickets online to save time on the day of the visit.

We recommend limiting the entrances to museums and galleries, for the simple fact that often the visit within these spaces requires “at least” a few hours.

Visiting the websites of the museums it is also possible to know in advance if the temporary exhibitions inside are actually of interest to us.

Visit Rome in a day trip

5. Consider the idea of a guided tour of Rome

Rome agencies and tour operators offer a vast amount of different and specific tours of excellent quality.

If you choose to take a guided tour read the route, the stages, and look for reviews.

Choose the means of transport with which the tour will be done and the most suitable route for you: in this way you will surely not be disappointed!

We at Roma Starbike realize and recommend 4 different types of guided tours of Rome: all in Electric Bike.

We believe that the electric bike, with assisted pedaling, is an excellent way to move easily and effortlessly, have fun and enjoy in a few hours most of the most beautiful points of interest in the city.

We carry out our tours only with Roman tour leaders and small groups, to guarantee everyone a unique experience.

All our tours are available both in groups and as tour private tours of Rome.

for tourist information visit: Roma Pass


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